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Finders Keepers: Reflections of the Moon

(Mid-October to Memorial Day)

In days gone by, visitors searching Oregon's beaches often found treasures from the east: blown glass floats, in intriguing shades of green and blue. Used by Japanese fishing crews to float their nets, these spheres were as small as two inches (5 cm) or as large as two feet (.6 m). They were hoarded, polished and adored, the ultimate find for a dedicated beachcomber.

Now that fishing vessels around the world use buoyant plastic, a blown glass float is a rare find - except on the beaches of Lincoln City, where more than 2,000 of them are found each winter, a few placed on the beach each day the ocean permits it. We put out the number of floats reflected by the year - so 2001 in 2001, 2002 in 2002, etc....

The project began in 1997, when a local artist first thought of glass floats as an intriguing way to launch the new millennium. Lincoln City sponsored the project, hosting the inaugural season in 1999-2000. Tourists came from around the country to search for their own brilliantly-colored, signed and numbered glass float.

For Lincoln City, the Millennium Float project was a perfect combination of art and the outdoors. Those who came in search of a float often found their way to area galleries, where unnumbered floats were available for sale along with a dizzying array of fine art glass from around the world.

The city continues the promotion annually, running from Mid-October to Memorial Day - with hand-crafted glass floats being placed along the 7-1/2 miles (12 km) of public beach in Lincoln City, from the Roads End area to the Cutler City area. You find it, you keep it!

Floats may be found above the high tide line and below the beach embankment. Floats will not be found in or on the cliffs. Please be aware of beach safety. Never turn your back on the ocean! Sneaker waves and the force of the ocean often move logs and can be unsafe. Floats are not hidden on the beaches during storms.

An exhibit of historic glass fishing floats can be viewed at the North Lincoln County Historical Museum.

When you find a float, call the Visitor and Convention Bureau, 1-800-452-2151 or 541-996-1274, and register your float. We will send a Certificate of Authenticity and information about the artists who crafted your float.

Special drawings are held monthly at the Visitor Center for glass floats. Bring a bag of beach trash to the Visitor and Convention Bureau, 540 NEHwy 101, and fill out an entry form. Handicapped persons with a handicap sticker number are also eligible to enter and win a monthly float drawing.

Families and individuals can now come to the beach and experience the joy of searching for glass floats. It's a perfect opportunity to start a new family tradition!


Blues By the Sea

The Biggest Blues Festival on the Oregon Coast

September 18 & 19 at the Clatsop County Fairgrounds in Astoria, Oregon

Chowder, Blues & Brews!

The Florence Area Chamber of Commerce will host its 13th Annual Fall Festival with award winning chowder offered from all along the coast of Oregon, the finest blues music that Oregon has to offer and microbrews from some of the best breweries in the northwest! The festival is set for a time of the year where we can expect the most beautiful weather one can imagine on the Central Oregon Coast. Each year, Chowder, Blues & Brews has drawn visitors from the south and central coastal area as well as from the Willamette Valley.

Beginning on Friday afternoon, the Florence Events Center will be rocking with "musical delights" performed by the great blues artists of the Western Oregon area.

Saturday will highlight the ninth year of the Oregon Coast Professional Chowder Cook-Off where festival goers will have a chance to taste the best chowder the Oregon Coast has to offer from communities extending from Astoria to Brookings. The event will also have delicacies from some 20 food vendors and microbrews from five of Oregon's best microbreweries.

The Oregon Coast Professional Chowder Cook-Off People’s Choice tasting starts at 1:00 pm on Saturday and goes until the chowder is gone. For more information contact the Florence Area Chamber at 541-997-3128 or the Event Center at 541-997-1994.

Mark this weekend as a must, for along with the Chowder, Blues & Brews, Florence will feature its annual Tour of Homes sponsored by the Florence Home Builders Association on Saturday and Sunday. The Habitat for Humanity's annual beach walk will also be on Saturday.

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